You could win an ipad 【解決方法Q&A/疑問攻略/経済】

Q&A:You could win an ipadについて? 解決方法/評価

・ebayで相手から商品を間違えたと連絡が来ました。 後半の文の意味が分からないので英語が得意な人は訳してください。 According to one of my buyers they have received your item and you have their product some how the boxes got switched up. Please accept my apology and if I get the right one back I will see what I can do. because of where you are I don't know what to do. Please contact me if I can help.

・おすすめのボカロ曲を教えてください!! あと、ヒカキンの面白動画や You Tubeの面白動画も教えてくれると助かりますっ!! お願いします!(^^)!

・下のメールを訳してください!!!お願いします!!アメリカの友人からのメールが分からなくて。。。 【But last project i was involved didnt go so well. But learning experience was worth more than the loss. I want to be able to have portfolio that generates income and growth with minimal time invested in it. I used to think it was hard but in reality it isnt thwre arw a couple of thinga you must have and do, then everything falls into place. 】

・500枚 お医者様と患者の会話 下記のセリフを患者がお医者様に言った場合、その後の関係は良好に保てますでしょうか? また的確な和訳もお願い致します。 【I didn't come be cause I missed you doctor! I came because I promised to drop by when I hit 60kg.】 どうぞよろしくお願い致します。m(__)m

・和訳をお願いします。 「stand by you」とはどういう意味ですか? 「スタンドバイミー」という言葉はよく耳にしますがこれは「あなた」に対して言ってる言葉で「私と一緒にいなさい」という 意味ですよね? となると、スタンドバイユーは、第三者に対して、「あなた(その人)」と一緒に居なさいよ、という意味になるのでしょうか?

・Are you neet ?

・あのiTunesStoreからGENERATIONSのalways with youを入れたいんですけど、iTunesStoreには無くて、すごく困ってます(>_<) なんで他の曲はでてくるのに、この曲だけはでて来ないのでしょ うか。

・スロッターに生まれて~ きたけれどぉ~♪ スロッターの幸せ まだ遠い♪ 折角掴んだ天井なのに~ バトルに負けて~ノーマルラッシュだなんて♪ 右から逆順押し~をや~っても~ 赤7出るはずだからと 信じたのに♪ 馬鹿ね…馬鹿ね♪ 逆挟みが いい~のに~♪ 駄~目ね 駄目ね~ ホントに駄目ね~♪ いつまで~経っても 駄目な…何? 寝よ (^O^)/~~ see you !

・フィンランド語に詳しい方、翻訳お願いします。 「Keep flying」 「You are the best」はフィンランドで何と言いますか?

・この文の日本語訳をお願いします!! 時間がないので至急お願いしますm(_ _)m Mr.Gray traveled a lot of on business. It was not really a very exciting job, but Mr. Gray had alway s been interested in farming, and he was quite satisfied with his life. He had a big car, and usually enjoyed driving it, but he was quite satisfied to go by train something, too, especially when the weather was bad. He was a little frightened of driving in rain or snow, and it was less tiring to sit comfortably in a train and look out of the window without being worried about how to get to the next place. It was often difficult for Mr. Gray to decide where to stay when he reached some small place in the country. He did not expect great comfort and wonderful food, but after a long and tiring day, he found it annoying when he was given a cold room without hot water or good food. Late one winter evening, Mr. Gray arrived at a small railway station. The journey by train that day had not been at all interesting, and Mr. Gray was cold, tired and hungry. He was looking forward to a simple but satisfying meal by a brightly burning fire, and then a hot bath and a comfortable bed. While he was walking to the taxi stand, he talked to a local man walking there. "This is my first visit to this part of the country and I didn't have enough time to learn about hotels of this town. Would you tell me how many hotels you have here?" The local man answered, "We have two." "And which of the two would you advise me to go to?" Mr. Gray asked. The local man scratched his head for a few moments and then answered, "Well, it's like this: When you go to one of the hotels, you'll be sorry you didn't go to the other."


But learning experience was worth more thanBut last project i was involved didntbecause of where you are I don&Please accept my apology and if IAccording to one of my buyers theyPlease contact me if I can helpI want to be able to haYou could win an ipadt know what to doヒカキンYou TubeQ&A面白動画メールボカロ曲アメリカ評価・ebay解決方法英語後半